Kensho Miyoshi is a technologist, a designer and an artist whose background includes aerospace engineering. He focuses on technological mediation as the means of bringing behaviours into designing artefacts and looks at its potential impact on human sympathy.
After receiving BS (2013) and MS (2015) from Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Tokyo, Kensho has started his doctorate research at Royal College of Art (Innovation Design Engineering) since 2015 fall. His bachelor thesis describes the minimum functions of an unmanned blimp for aesthetic aerial installation. The master's research of his revealed the nature of direct interaction between human and a palm-sized drone in which the drone hovers above a human hand and flies to a direction of hand-swing like playing catch in flight within total independence of external devices or sensors.
He is a recipient of "Super Creator Certification" for the achievement of autonomous drone design and development project from the Ministry of Japan (2014). He has contributed to Phenox Lab, a Tokyo-based drone development agents, as a co-founder and an interaction designer/engineer since 2013.

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