Kensho Miyoshi is a technologist, a designer and an artist whose background includes aerospace engineering. Miyoshi, born 1990 in Kobe, has been studying engineering at the University of Tokyo since 2009. Between 2013 and 2014 he worked for MITOH Program (Exploratory IT Human Resources Project) of IPA, in which he developed the original quadcopter as an interaction designer/engineer. For the outstanding outcome, he received Super Creator Certification, as the top-ten IT creators under 26 in Japan, from the Ministry of Japan in 2014. The subject of his guraduate research is design of close-range interaction between human and small aerial robots and its applications. Co-founder, creative director and interaction designer/engineer of Phenox Lab.
As a designer/artist, he focuses on lowers layer of technology and explores relationship of artificial motion and human sympathy. The first work "Hamon" (2013) was awarded by A' Design Award and Competition in Italy. In October 2014, He joined the group exhibition “THE MIRROR” in Tokyo as an artist with internationally renowned artists and architects including Anish Kapoor, Kengo Kuma and TORAFU Architects.