Kensho Miyoshi / News

Mar 2018
- I have been accepted to participate in PhD by Design, which will be held as part of DRS2018 conference in Limerick, Ireland.

- Due to popular demand, the period of An exhibit of art and life 2017 at Nifrel has been extended to the 1st of July 2018.

Feb 2018
- I am going to present my PhD research at Design, Affect, Materials and Materiality Symposium at the RCA on the 15th of March 2018.

- I contributed an essay on my study at the RCA to a newsletter (Vol.36) issued by The Japanese Graduate Student Association in the United States (JGSAU)... but unfortunately, it's written in Japanese. So, here is an English translation by Google Translate without any further edition. Let's see if it makes sense at all. I can see that some bits are unexpectedly well translated while others are just hilarious.

Jan 2018
- I am delighted to annouce that my PhD projects will be funded by Arts and Culture Grants of Nomura Foundation once again and Contemporary Arts Grants by Terumo Foundation for Life Sciences and Art.


Oct 2017
- As a part of the final practice for my PhD at the RCA, I am conducting a series of workshops. It is aimed at testing my framework and observing its impact on designers' perception and creative process. If you have a background in design and are interested in attending, please drop me an email.

Sep 2017
- One of my works, Puwants will be exhibited as a part of An exhibit of art and life 2017 at Nifrel, an interactive aquazoo in Osaka. The first collaboration of the works with marine fish will be celebrated with the debut of new species of Puwants. The variety of the works will respond to the various shapes, behaviours, and movements of the live fish. Details are available here.

Aug 2017
- I am pleased to annouce that one of my research projects in November 2017 will be partially funded by Arts and Culture grants of Nomura Foundation once again.

July 2017
- One of my works will be exhibited from September 2017 for 5 months in Osaka, Japan - the detail is to be confirmed at the moment.

Feb 2017
- School of Design Research Conference was held and 21 design researchers from MPhil and PhD presented their works. This anual event allows each researcher to share his/her ideas in detail with half an hour time (longer than the exams). I presented some of the latest experimental artefacts with a few slides. The feedback and the conversation with the faculty as well as the colleagues were quite useful. Some of the colleagues made presentation in a highly skilled manner from which I had much to learn.

Dec 2016
- My student title has turned from 'MPhil/PhD' to simply 'PhD' at last as I passed the PhD Transfer exam. This MPhil-PhD system is not common in Japan but actually the MPhil-minded time, not rushing to determine something but extending the awareness about things unknown, gave me many lessons.

Aug 2016
- I am pleased to annouce that one of my research projects will be partially funded by Arts and Culture grants of Nomura Foundation between October and December of this year.

May 2016
- I will join DRS2016 to participate in PhD by Design event and also work as a student volunteer. I have experiences in the past of being helped by student volunteers when I joined the British HCI conference and SIGGRAPH both in 2014 as a presenter. They were not only helpful but also so intellectual that the conversation with them was one of the benefits of attending the conferences. I am looking forward to acting as a student volunteer myself this time, and exchanging ideas with both professional and student design researchers in PhD by Design as well as the main conference.


Jan 2016: RCA WIP Show 2016
- I take part in the Work In Progress Show as part of Design Research and exhibit two of my research prototypes. Thank you for everyone who came to see the exhibit and gave me feedbacks so far. The exhibition has been very useful for me to be aware of many unexpected directions.